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Puma AW13 Collections


Puma AW13For the season AW 13 Puma’s models are focused on exploration. The line Puma by Alexander McQueen takes inspiration from Robert Falcon Scott’s expedition to the Antarctic, and transforms its most exciting and compelling aspects into footwear with satin insertions, fluorescent fabrics, thick and resistant soles and materials, vintage leather. The model Joust Boot takes inspiration from earth colours, has resistant soles, the traditional Inuit toe seams, and expresses both style and functionality; Joust III proposes a new mash up of materials and a robust functional structure; the model Joustess Mid Wedge, for the fashionable woman explorer, achieves unprecedented results. From the landscape- inspired colours to the extremely innovative design, every detail in this collection embodies the daring man who always looks ahead. Like an explorer who sails to the remotest corners of the seven seas, Mihara Yasuhiro has developed his collection Puma AW13, surpassed known solutions, transformed and combined lines and apparently improvised styles and unusual techniques. Solid lines become a little more elegant. Neat lines become a bit more elaborate.
The model Puma MY-68 Sea Beast takes Puma Slipstream back to its original glory. Born in 1988 these sneakers became an icon in 2002 with their Slipstream Beast version. The 2013 model comes in the same style, is water resistant and is enriched by an inside boot. The model Puma Mihara Creel Bag merges craftsmanship with the functionality and style required by the new urban explorers. A collection that surpasses all trends thanks to its rich, versatile potential.


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