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Rude Riders


rude-riders-24-copReminiscent of an adventurous trip riding an old Harley Davidson on a dusty American road, the project RUDE RIDERS was born in 2010.
The magic spirit of travel and adventure riding a mythic bike is the mood that pervades the collections. The brand’s custom t-shirts have immediately become status symbols and express the passion, the wish for freedom and discovery shared by the group of friends that founded the brand.

In Rude Riders products, the style of American bikers is merged with a European fashion taste. Rude Bikers becomes something more than a brand: a style, a passion, a status symbol. The  brand’s success is due to the fact that it was conceived and created by people who passionately love the world of bikes and want to give products the same authenticity they feel while riding their bikes with windblown hair.

Rude Riders items combine skilled craftsmanship,  a strong passion and historical culture;  although they were first proposed at international motorcycle rallies, they are now available in the best stores all over the world. Here Rude Riders t-shirts, shirts, jackets, vests and accessories attract fans from the biker world who can appreciate made-in Italy culture in products that are outstanding for their jersey processing, serigraphy and garment dyeing.

Rude Riders means style and emotion: items to live in full freedom rather than simply to wear.

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