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Fato 1734 - Prosecco DOCG, 100% Glera

Fato 1734

FATO 1734 – Prosecco DOCG


Our farm lies in an area sometimes rude, sometimes sweet, characteristics that give the product its uniqueness.
Our spumante comes from the desire to get back to basics, to interpret the worldas if it were a village, where all is harmony.
No hate, no greed, but the pleasure of being together quietly, in peace. Fato 1734 (Prosecco DOCG, 100% Glera) comes from the steep hills of Arfanta, an ancient village of the district of DOCG Conegliano-Valdobbiadene, in the locality of Mondragon, 350 meters above sea level. Its uniqueness lies in the scents of tropical fruits from it issued and aromas of pear and apricot: when you approach the cup to your lips, a smile rises spontaneously.