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Shoto - handmade italian footwear


A brand of the Marche-based footwear factory Medori, Shoto was created over thirty years ago. Three generations of craftsmen for just one mission: to manufacture top quality footwear that can tell a story and remind us of travels, adventures and experiences. Shoto footwear expresses all that and much more: it is the precious and long-lasting manifesto of the world famous artisanal tradition of the Marche footwear district.
Medori’s master craftsmen shape by hand valuable leather qualities bearing in mind their characteristics and specific potentials. Manufacturing techniques such as “dive” and “stone washed” create folds and nuances that give each single shoe a natural, timeless, charming vintage aura. The leather sole, one of Shoto’s distinctive features, is the result of fastidious artisanal work, and the design of each model is planned, tested and developed to provide top comfort.
For Shoto to realize artisanal footwear means to innovate within its tradition and history, to devote its manual skills to the achievement of product excellence.

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Shoto - handmade italian footwear Shoto - handmade italian footwear Shoto - handmade italian footwear