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Shoto Medori 2016

Shoto Medori

An outstanding Marche-based firm in the field of footwear and leather goods, Medori focuses on the new items of the brand Shoto established in 1985 when Zeno Rolando’s two sons, Stefano and Simone, were involved in its creation. The passion, extraordinary craftsmanship, competent choice of leather and the different colours proposed are the secrets of the brand’s success.

The art of making footwear, that can boast an ancient tradition in the Marche region, is at Medori’s handed down from  generation to generation, with the creation of first class made-in-Italy products that express a strong passion for research and tradition.

Design research to keep creations updated at all times, the care for details, and the skilful masterly workmanship make SHOTO shoes real, unique works of art whose small imperfections add to their value. SHOTO’s objective is to create design items that can be long lasting milestones in the world of fashion.

Enthusiasm, passion, and pride but also humility and curiosity are the basic shared elements that have given SHOTO products worldwide renown.

It may seem incredible that all the collections are to this day exclusively made by hand. Research and the creation of artistic footwear characterize also  the fall-winter 2016-2017 collection, which proves SHOTO’s uniqueness, a sophisticated brand that can give customers special emotions through  small refined details.


Shoto Medori 2016 Shoto Medori 2016