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Shoto Medori shoes


An avantgarde brand of the maison Medori, Shoto was officially born in 1985 as a turning point and a challenge: a proposal of  shoes  characterized by sober elegance but devoted to present-day more original  customers. Shoto’s art of footwear relies on a three-generation tradition and is characterized by great passion and craftsmanship combined with the skillful choice of materials and their stunning treatments that make the finished product unique, elegant and sophisticated. The deep study of form results in great comfort due also to the accurate manufacture of the unique classic sole that has characterized the Italian brand all along.

Materials: the choice of materials is of great importance. Leather is accurately selected and undergoes different treatments according to its place of origin so as to enhance its peculiar features.
Manufacture: although it sticks to Medori’s long-standing tradition and keeps being handmade, as years go by manufacture constantly tends to innovation. Treatments like “dive” and “stone washed” create unique effects on various leathers with wrinkles and special colored veins that give each item of footwear a valuable vintage look.

This unique, natural footwear bears the marks of its great history and tradition, and passes on its strong personality to wearers.


Shoto Medori shoes
Shoto Medori shoes