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Soloviere 2016


Founded in Paris in 2014, Solovière is a genderless shoe brand that is already worldwide known and selected by Vogue Italia as a finalist of 2016 Who Is On Next prize.Its timeless style, that exalts the new masculine silhouette of the young and trendy, is more palpable in its slippers and revisited iconic derby shoes, thought for the Neo Dandy man. Solovière brings about a new kind of modernity by combining classicism and innovation.
Footwear materials are selected from the best Italian artisans, and every item is a unique blend of tradition and newness the only paths to poetry for today’s man’s sensibility. Solovière is the unique vision of Alexia Aubert realized thanks to her ten-year expertise in men’s and women’s footwear.


Soloviere 2016