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Stone Island exclusive Dyneema jacket

Stone Island

Since it was born in 1982, Stone Island has meant experiment and functionality. Their research on and avant-garde ennobling of fibers and fabrics as well as innovative design have characterized their collections. Stone Island Prototype Research Series is a project of native limited editions meant to foster research not yet submitted to industrial production.
The second series was presented at the 2017 Design Week.
The two exclusive 50-Jacket sets have been manufactured in Dyneema, the strongest and most resistant light fiber worldwide, proposed in fifty different color shades. The Dyneema fiber is matched to a performing film and a nylon extra light fabric which is next taped  by hand into Dyneema bands, later garment-dyed after a week’s interval to achieve  correct polymerization. Skilled craftsmanship and advanced research on materials combine to make each “Prototype Research” garment unique.


Stone Island exclusive Dyneema jacket