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Tardini - 2018 Sports Cyber Collection

Tardini – Sports Cyber Collection

Exotic luxury, Italian craftsmanship. Tardini have for sixty years been defining the symbolic and unquestionable meaning of bags, footwear and accessories in American alligator leather, and continue to do so with their new Sports Cyber Collection.
Tardini have reinvented the classical canons in the processing of materials thanks to new updated techniques, such as the combination of carbon fiber and graphite finish that enhances alligator leather, gives it a sophisticated opacity and makes it softer looking and feeling. The carbon finished alligator leather acquires its purest essence and the polymerized interwoven carbon fibers enhance its geometrical design, a perfect pattern that shows the richness of materials.
The unmistakable Tardini badge has been further improved in the Sports Cyber Collection; in fact, the burnished colour it acquires through a special laser processing gives it a precious look further improved by its golden outline. Classical elegance and an updated aesthetics are merged in the same language of technological excellence in Made-in-Italy products: the language of future luxury goods.
Tardini - 2018 Sports Cyber Collection Tardini - 2018 Sports Cyber Collection Tardini - 2018 Sports Cyber Collection