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Tardini alligator accessories


The name Tardini is definitely to be linked to traditional Italian craftsmanship. Since 1958, the year when it was first created, the Emilia-based brand has always processed alligator leather from the USA and South America –  rigorously certified as authentic – through state-of-the-art, unique and exclusive techniques and finishing. Accuracy and elegance are all-pervasive in Tardini’s Fall/Winter 2017-2018 collection characterized by lightness and luxury for everyday use. The lightness and elegance that Tardini footwear can boast are the outcome of its gripfast sole and a balanced mix of materials. Natural rubber along with  braided and greased satin alligator leather lead to light-sensitive items with precious reflection and absorption light effects.

The bags and belts, as well as the small items and accessories, suggest the special pleasure and unique desire to wear them in everyday life: soft, round, wraparound forms pleasant to the touch and sight. Luxury items that conjure up far-off exotic places, a world of dreams and adventures; the pleasure to wear a special item realized in exclusive precious leather thanks to the combined efforts and skilled work of Italian craftsmen.


Tardini alligator accessories
Tardini alligator accessories