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From Berlin to Antwerp and Paris

trippe-25-copTrippen’s modern design combines environmental friendliness, sustainability and social responsibility.
Trippen has been using this concept since its beginnings in the early 1990s. The designs take fashion trends on board, but resist their throwaway nature, with shapes of lasts and sole units, for example, as well as the types of materials used, remaining unchanged. The different collections, with over a thousand styles, are not replaced every season; rather existing models remain permanently available. The shoes are unique in pattern technique and design. These unparalleled designs are supplemented by fashionable colour schemes. All manufacturing takes place in Trippen’s own factory, 80 km north of Berlin, as well as in small family businesses in Northern Italy. The materials are obtained exclusively from European suppliers. Single components can easily be exchanged and replaced.
Environmental regulations and ecological production methods are not only taken into consideration, but have a direct influence on the design. The hands-on production facilities allow attention to be paid to individual customer requests. A series of international product design awards and collaborations with other fashion designers during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, Paris Fashion Week and Fashion Week Poland underline Trippen’s success. Over 450 stores worldwide stock Trippen shoes. In addition, Trippen maintains partner stores in Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The distinctive design is implemented in all stores worldwide: undulating white walls with illuminated boxes that radiate the airy atmosphere of a gallery, low platforms that permit a bird’s eye view of the collection and floors covered with handmade terracotta tiles decorated with reliefs of the first wooden shoe collection. In view of the eclectic concept and the wide product range, Trippen’s own stores in Germany play a vital role in its corporate presentation. Against this backdrop, Trippen breaks new ground. Following the celebrated opening of its new store in Antwerp in May, another Trippen store is due to open in the Paris borough of Marais later this year.

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