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7th Triennial of Contemporary Art

logo-trienaleThe 7th Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia gives prominence to practices that can be seen as analogous to the concept of resilience, i.e., community-oriented, site-specific, participatory, performative, architectural, social, civic and other discursive practices exploring new (or revived) community principles, such as the “do-it-togeth­er”, urban gardening, and co-working, as well as the fundamental social question of how we co­exist. Blending work and everyday life forms the basis of new economic, ethical, and production principles that the younger generation of artists uses to transform the role of the creative sub­ject in contemporary Slovenian society. On the one hand this opens dialogues with biotechnol­ogy, critical theory, and political activism, under­scoring, on the other hand, the cyclic nature of time by reviving traditional knowledge and tech­niques. Occurring across many platforms – the exhibition, performative projects, discussions – the triennial also gives the young generations an opportunity to express their potential through addressing urgent local and global socio-po­litical problems and contributing to the debate in and over existing Slovenian cultural policy.