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All Terrain by Descente

all-terrain-copEvery single product that is carefully handcrafted has an original, unique story to tell. A history of techniques handed down over the years and the life of the craftsmen who have devoted themselves to a work are condensed in such items, which now exist as a result of endless  trial and error.
With Descente, the whole ethos of craftsmanship is sustained by the technique and creativity of a large number of people. An initial idea from the marketing team is visualized and turned into a drawing by the designers. In accordance with the massive amount of very precise production directions from specialists in each relevant stage of development, the drawing is transformed into a real 3D product. No compromise is allowed in the shaping process from 2D to 3D. This is the basics and the very heart of Descente’s craftsmanship. Descente’s DNA is lavishly embedded in their ALLTERRAIN  collection. The brand’s name combines two words, “all” and “terrain”. Since the basis of design for ALLTERRAIN is scene-less, ageless and timeless, it concentrates only on pure craftsmanship and leaves any specific age group, scene or location, and fashion trend behind.
The phrase “form follows function”, first used by the American architect Louis Sullivan, is the design concept of ALLTERRAIN, a brand for which design is not decoration for its own sake but must have an underlying reason and be related to functionality. This is the kind of design that ALLTERRAIN has been suggesting to customers. Descente’s conception of craftsmanship has a lot in common with architecture, and therefore they take design very seriously to mean the assembly of carefully crafted functional plans rather than simply an expression of decorative beauty.
In their items simplicity bridges the gap with the infinite, and opens up countless possibilities for wearers and for the way of using them. Descente’s desire, passion and spirit are aimed at enriching people’s lives through superlative sportswear. All intricate planning and design come from here after trial and error. The only thing which remains after removing all non-essential elements is simple design. And that is the essence of ALLTERRAIN.

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