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Argenesi and Karim Rashid design silver

Argenesi + Karim Rashid

The new way of experiencing silver with Karim Rashid.
Argenesi, an Italian design brand of silver plate accessories highly specialized in the research on and invention of innovative processes and best quality materials, is ready to bring about radical changes in our current lifestyle and living space. The Company will launch a new collection of items in collaboration
with Karim Rashid, an architect from New York renowned worldwide as an outstanding designer. The collaboration is aimed at creating fluid and sensual design at once innovative and experimental.
Besides creating such original lines as Pebble, Babel, Crystal and Ikon, Karim Rashid is now devoting his art to the accessories of Argenesi, a brand rooted in craftsmanship that was started in 1965.
Argenesi and Karim Rashid design silver
The harmonious forms and silhouettes of the accessories draw inspiration from the contemporary world
and evoke nature with its perfumes and bright colors. Constantly focused on change and innovation, Argenesi can today pride itself on an emission-free production process. The relevant collaboration with Karim Rashid bears witness to the authenticity and potential of a brand which is an icon of the made-in-Italy style and is ready to become widespread to bring about a revolution in our daily life.
Argenesi + Karim Rashid design silver accessories