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Lazzari Space Art Exhibitions

Art at Lazzari Space – 2019

Cristiano Baggio: born in Treviso in 1971, since he was a child he showed a marked inclination to drawing by reproducing images of art books. Thanks to frequent trips he realizes how the nature surrounding him can be an immense world to explore: this is the basis for his future artistic work.
Luigi Bertolin: born in 1956, he gained a strong experience in the research of shapes and style, founding the “Ceramiche Artistiche 3B” atelier in Nove. His artistic production makes use of constant new experiences and knowledge, without however neglecting the strong tradition.

More than ten years after his birth, Parajumpers continues to travel, and tells, through a travel diary, the landscapes, the culture and the persons it meets. People who, thanks to the dedication and passion with which they dedicate themselves to the dream of their life, excite and enrich us.
Give a soul to a mannequin by making it a limber artwork, result of a visceral passion for art and beauty. This is the mission of ABC Mannequins whose values have always been and still remain: design, craftsmanship, communication, environmental awareness, transversal multiculturalism.

Born in 1986, Michele De Conti has specialized in architecture and interior design and devoted his talent to infrastructure planning on a large scale. The artist has currently resumed his artistic activity and has since 2017 been working on the creation of “Il bosco dell’arte” theme park.
Born in Padua in 1964, Stefano Reolon graduated in scene design and later specialized by working with prestigious theatre workshops where he could devote himself to graphic art and design. He has ever since collaborated with art galleries and institutions, and as a teacher in workshops on colour and anatomy.

Born in Padua in 1975, Matteo Cecchinato has from an early age been interested in painting and photography. He has devoted himself to wide-ranging experiments on materials and forms throughout his artistic career, and has over the years become increasingly involved in sculptural experiments which have led to the creation of completely tridimensional works.
After starting painting and drawing at a very early age, Treviso-born Satyam has experimented in multi-matter techniques and has over the years enriched his culture thanks to his studies in literature, philosophy and psychology. Satyam’s research sticks to a precise choice of colours and is combined with the use and recycling of disused objects.