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Avantgardenim denim design 2016

Avantgardenim loving denim design

Put New Fit, Avantgardenim’s claim, contrary to the meaning of ‘new’, has to do with the history of denim, in particular with the ‘70s when, under the guidance of Franco Peppicelli, Put Jeansing was growing and becoming outstanding among Italian denim brands. Since 1970, the year when the first SAMIA show took place in Turin, the firm has continued to be fresh, young, creative and innovative.

“Put on your jeans and go!”

The new project Avantgardenim by European Culture means freedom and experiment, research and innovation. The long-standing knowhow Avantgardenim can rely on has led to the mixture of classic denim fabric  with new super stretched indigo jersey, so that the brand embodies the concept of “elegant comfort wear” in products that can’t but be comfortable, fitting, perfect and ergonomic. A five-pocket item, which can be proudly said to have been designed and realized in Italy,  comes in extra slim volumes and proportions that wrap the body and create an overall feeling of comfort without ever being oppressive.

The above qualities have always characterized outstanding denim items and are all the more topical since leisure time is becoming more and more precious and an “easy-wear”, “no stress” style is important to be able to enjoy it. Versatility is the constant leitmotif in the succession of collections and their moods, and, together with elegance and innovation,  embodies the true spirit of Avatgardenim by European Culture,  new generation made-in-Italy products that rely on the past but are constantly evolving and are ready to foster the development of the international fashion system.


Avantgardenim denim design 2016 Avantgardenim denim design 2016