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Avantgardenim Luxury Collection


Avantgardenim’s latest mission, to elevate denim to the rank of luxury, has been promptly accomplished thanks to the passion and long-standing tradition of the Group European Culture.
The Luxury Collection is the perfect result of the careful, balanced merging of the timeless charm of heritage with the refinement of luxury. In addition to the various fits and washing techniques from the ‘seventies until now, the line “Luxury Denim” proposes a wide range of items characterized by a punctilious search for high quality materials and the utmost care for details. Each item is realized with the Royal Dye technique, a dyeing procedure by immersion that enables the simultaneous treatment of different materials and the creation of super stretch items by mixing the classic denim fabric with different stretch jerseys.
The fits range from the skinny leggings for those who prefer a tight comfortable fit, to the boy original for lovers of soft-legged trousers. Skillfully worn out vintage denim fabrics are enhanced by luminous details and create an original, captivating contrast.
The most precious detail in the collection is its Italian handcrafted production which stands for authenticity, passion and commitment and gives denim the timeless charm of quality.


Avantgardenim Luxury Collection
Avantgardenim Luxury Collection