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2021 will be a year of celebrations for Ballantyne, when the epoch-making  Firm will be a hundred years old, with its noble heritage rooted in Scottish cashmere.
However,  the fact that the Firm is today among the most outstanding knitwear brands is not only due to its tradition but also to the quality and savoir-faire in its approach to production, reflected in the workmanship of knitwear items made as works of art.

After 25 years, Ballantyne will bring part of its cashmere production back to Scotland, the country where the brand was first established and whose quintessence it embodies with products that are among the most refined worldwide.

For this occasion, the brand has created the Capsule Raw Diamond, an exclusive selection of 100% cashmere knitwear items made with the fiber  that has led  to its worldwide renown and is used in its primitive essence in a palette ranging from white, to black and grey.

As time goes by and the items are worn season after season, the fiber gives them an increasing degree of softness and beauty. The yarn employed, far from being mechanically stressed after the fashion of the latest decades, is left free. In its essence, the capsule Raw Diamond enables wearers to experience and feel the changes in the material, so that they can have a unique  and original relationship with it.

Each item of knitwear, in a packaging that takes on the value of a casket, will be perfumed by a unique essence that draws  inspiration from the fiber’s place of origin.

With a view to creating a sustainable production, workmanship and energy consumption have been drastically reduced with a very low impact on the environment. For one hundred years Ballantyne has been studying and experimenting on the material it processes, skillfully combining tradition and innovation meant as the former’s ancillary element. At a time when immediacy and speed are essential in the market, Ballantyne has made a precious  alliance with time by creating a capsule of knitwear whose strength and value increase season after season.