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Ballantyne – from Scotland with love

“This is a story of lands and hands.
From a land of stones and waters. Made of soil and magic. Blown by the wind from hills and sea.
From hand to hand through generations of fathers and children. As if from the hands of men and women moved by passion and knowledge. The Heritage has come down to us.” 

A love letter, that’s what Ballantyne has written to its clientele as an invitation to join in the celebration of its first centenary. What you’ve read above is the letter’s incipit, a poetic-sounding text that the brand has chosen to print on the skin of its hit bag, the DIAMOND BAG CENTENARY, created for the occasion.
Reading as a continuous written flow on the bag, the text is a stream of history that literally penetrates and pervades the skin of the accessory. The bag’s elegant, classic design definitely stands for the excellence of Made-in-Italy fashion items. The quality of Italian leathers and the ancient artisanal tradition of Riva del Brenta’s tanneries are to be credited with the creation of the brand’s jewel, an accessory that brings to completion and brightens Ballantyne’s collections.
“It has taken us a hundred years to find the appropriate words”, says Ballantyne’s President, Fabio Gatto, “and now we’re turning them into a gift for you to carry every day.”