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BePositive Italian sneaker tradition

BePositive: craftsmanship and contamination

Characterized by top craftsmanship and open to contamination all along, BePositive remains true to its basic features as it presents an innovative collection of sneakers which combine the most updated materials with comfort and avant-garde design solutions.
BePositive Italian sneaker tradition

The idea realized in the late Nineties of a formal style in footwear supplied with an air cushion sole, has undergone a further evolution and, after two years’ trials, the air cushion is now fitted into a newly devised, handmade, patented sole. Cyber Run sneakers achieve excellence in the moulding of materials; in fact this footwear’s structure involves artisanal shaping and grinding and is completed by the manual insertion of an air cushion in the sole, to provide a correct footing and a high level of comfort.

The line Nitro has a Japanese style structure and is characterized by jointed layers of microporous material that create nuances and neat cuts enhanced by fanciful color combinations which in turn give an original and contemporary look to this outstanding footwear.
BePositive Italian sneaker tradition BePositive Italian sneaker tradition