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Bevilacqua Textile Industry

bev-copOne of the most ancient textile industries in Europe, Bevilacqua Weaving Industry has been operative since 1875, the year when it was officially established. Its roots, however, are far deeper than that, in fact, since the days of the doges skilful hands have processed precious materials following  traditional techniques to transform yarns into valuable fabrics that have enhanced the mansions and theatres where they have been employed.
The silence of Venetian ‘calli’ is broken by the rhythmic sound of the ancient looms now working side by side with modern machines, which, however, do not impair the handmade quality of production.
In fact, from the perforated cartoons to the weaving of noble silks and brocades,  all the stages of production are in keeping with ancient traditions and result in extremely high quality products whose excellence is a source of inspiration for interior designers and high fashion stylists.



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