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Cellar Door - italian handmade clothing

Cellar Door

The brand Cellar Door was born in 2014 with daring proposals of top level skirts and trousers in modern urban style manufactured through the high productive potential and skills of the firm Vetta, trouser-makers since 1971. In the factory based in Pievebelvicino (Vicenza) the firm owned by the Bettanin family has managed to develop Italian style sartorial techniques devoted to an innovative conception of the clothing industry.
Valuable fabrics undergo artisanal processing with lines characterized by a classical yet multicultural style. Focusing on its Made in Italy and open to the world, Cellar Door is a brand that aims to meet the taste of international markets but remains rooted in its own productive techniques.
The name Cellar Door draws its inspiration from the entrance to a wine cellar, the meeting point between the ever evolving environment and the place where the most valuable bottles are the oldest ones. An open minded brand that looks ahead to the future while sticking to the values of past tradition.
Cellar Door - italian handmade clothing Cellar Door - italian handmade clothing Cellar Door - italian handmade clothing