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Diesel Black Gold FW14


dbg-copUnder the guidance of Andreas Melbostad,  Diesel Black Gold AI 2014 collections  show hints of an evocative futurism and a vital  energy in creating clothing. The women’s collection lays the foundations of a new aesthetic ideal, with  designs  that draw inspiration from space adventures in their mythic aspect.
The items are characterized by texture plays in which lacquered, plated and metallic surfaces are coupled with classic and traditional materials; the features are even more marked in the jackets with their iconic space suit elements. Leather, flannel and coated cotton trousers come in cuts that enhance the silhouettes, whereas the tops, the bustiers, the pleated skirts and the sheath dresses come in neoprene, cady and jersey. With the addition of studs and zippers, the items are reminiscent of futuristic coats of arms that  the pleating makes gentler. Metal toed boots with front zippers and multiple studding, slender court shoes, structured bags and belts with reflecting metal details complete the collection.

The men’s collection is an innovative mix of authentic  skilfully designed items in sophisticated materials with military and rock nuances.

The neat, classic  sartorial tailoring is combined with the innovative cut of built-on-the body trousers. The jackets draw inspiration from military clothing and uniforms and are enriched with leather, metal and enamel emblems and badges. The rough textured tufted shirts are in some versions treated with lacquered finish for a graphic sports effect. Calf-high army boots and polished leather Chelsea boots have military style insertions on the heel and vamp.

Both in men’s and in women’s items denim and leather, Diesel Black Gold key materials, have been renewed through extremely innovative techniques.


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