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Dune_ minimalist Italian fashion brand

D U N E_

Focusing on exceptional fibers translated into timeless shapes through a constant search of balance between classic and contemporary vision. 

D U N E_ , conceived and made in Italy, goes beyond the concept of seasonality and embraces a perspective of continuity between past and future, with a slow and never repetitive attitude.
The word “dune” brings us back to the essential, to the earth and air elements. We can see their interaction and perpetual movement, in search of an elusive form, which exists only as an archetype in our mind. It is like a fluid movement of the sand moved by the wind, and constantly changing flow.
The goal of D U N E_ is to create daily, timeless, persistent garments that can be passed on from one generation to the next as a precious heirloom. 

Dune_ minimalist Italian brand