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European Culture italian excellence

European Culture: forms, design and creativity

Although each of the three specific themes on which European Culture has focused its evolution has its own peculiar features, they are all linked to the merging of forms, design and creativity, the concepts that have made European Culture a unique brand.
European Culture Italian brand

A collection of more conventional piece-dyed garments, designed in fixed outfits obtained from the more elegant fabrics employed in solid color and in a limited palette to meet different requirements. The lack of washing at the end of tailoring gives the items a more formal look than garment-dyed ones.
European Culture clothing

These products’ uniqueness is enhanced by garment-dyeing, by a mix of fabrics and concepts, and by experimenting on new techniques involving the use of natural fibers and ever evolving design.
Royal Dye Couture collection

A capsule of revolutionary denims, realized through the innovative use of denim and other comfort fabrics. Fluid indigo fabrics are mixed with jersey in strategic points to obtain sartorial denim models which are at once innovative and updated, besides providing a high level of comfort.
Avantgardenim collection