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Guidi In Situ 2016


Review/ New York 16 September 2016
GUIDI presents the inaugural edition of IN SITU, with new work by the artist Laurent Segretier.
About the Program: IN SITU is the artist residency program founded by GUIDI that aims to promote the work of young artists. The long-term goal is to establish an artist residency in Tuscany and to promote an ongoing conversation between art and fashion.
About GUIDI: GUIDI is a family owned, artisanal leather tannery and leather goods maker that has operated in Tuscany, Italy since 1896. GUIDI leather is used by the most prominent fashion companies, and its leather goods have secured a prominent place in the fashion avant-garde.
About the Artist: Laurent Segretier was born in 1978 in Guadeloupe in the French Caribbean. He currently lives in Hong Kong and Paris.
During his studies at a business school in France, Laurent was an active member of its multimedia club. He moved to Beijing after graduation, bought a camera, and worked on documentaries about emerging Chinese youth subcultures. Segretier followed his passion for art and has established himself in Hong Kong for the last eight years.
About the Presentation : The artist works with all sources of imagery: screen, paper, satellite, scan, microscope, and the Internet. This series: 12 images , produced at GUIDI. The purpose of this project was to capture the feeling of the organic in the industrial setting. This exhibit is a defining moment in the artist’s career not only as the first solo show in the US, but as the next step in the direction he has been taking since 2013.
What’s next :GUIDI is now looking forward, beyond Tuscany, the next IN SITU edition will be global involving the Guidi_community worldwide, see you in Berlin soon.


Guidi In Situ 2016