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Il Bisonte and Wanny Di Filippo

Il Bisonte

Interviewing Wanny Di Filippo

What is Il Bisonte?
Il Bisonte is a life choice, a real passion, something inbuilt I deeply feel. It was born forty-seven years ago in a basement in the heart of Florence; I wanted to have a try, to experiment. I wanted something authentic to enable people to feel at  ease while carrying or wearing it, and I chose naturally tanned cowhide because it changes in time, like human beings. I like aging things because I think that, once aged, things make a better wear. I always strive for simplicity and practicality, for objects with a definite taste, that can be owned by people and live with them for the whole of a lifetime.
A forty-seven-year-old outstanding Florentine brand that is now renewing its image and appearing on new markets.
In a world dominated by mass produced goods we have chosen to stick to our craftsmanship and to manufacture each single item by hand, to rely on the skillful craftsmen we have and to choose  trustworthy quality  suppliers. We were born in Tuscany and here we have continued to remain, in Florence, the city that welcomed me many years ago and enabled me to build my life.

Il Bisonte proves that professional skills and the quality of materials lead to success even in a global market evolving at an unprecedented speed. What does the future have in store for us?
Our forty-seven-year-old story is a true one, and we want to continue to tell it our way, but without withdrawing from the world. Curiosity, experiment, experience and quality are the basic elements we like to grapple with. We already have shops and official sellers in half of the world but we are heading for new frontiers while keeping our strong, consistent, ‘different’ identity in the world of fashion and accessories.


Il Bisonte and Wanny Di Filippo
Il Bisonte and Wanny Di Filippo