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L.L. Bean and its famous boots

L. L. Bean

A former fisher and hunter, Leon Leonwood Bean created in 1912 L.L. Bean, a brand that was to become an icon in the world of outdoor fashion thanks to Bean Boots. The stylist’s ingenious intuition occurred when L.L. Bean, tired of using non waterproof footwear for his excursions, decided to create a totally new boot, a classic leather boot stitched to a rubber sole of considerable thickness. Once he had discovered the item’s comfort potential, L.L. Bean decided to realize and patent his new  building technique and in 1917 set up his first store in Maine, an evocative and inspiring place as far as the concept of outdoor is concerned.

“We believe in the beauty of life in the open air, in its promise of transparency and above all in the idea that what we do is bound to last.”
Authenticity, nature and skilful craftsmanship are the unchanging values typical of the American brand, which, starting from Bean Boots, has widened its offer and production by proposing countless high quality objects suitable for outdoor activities. As  L.L. Bean himself said:”We don’t consider a transaction completed until a customer is satisfied even after the item has worn out.” To this day Bean products are made to last and are totally guaranteed. If an item does not meet  quality standards, the Firm simply withdraws it, but this hardly ever happens given the extreme care with which products are tested.

Focus on Bean Boots: Iconic Bean Boots embody at best the care with which the Maine-based brand manufactures its products. Veined  soles  to face mud and water, a chain-like structure to ensure a firm grip, first rate American leather, stitching realized by expert craftsmen. Skills and functionality in footwear that recall the basic values of L.L. Bean: quality, honesty, transparency and great attention to customers’ demands.


L.L. Bean and its famous boots
L.L. Bean and its famous boots