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Lanificio Bottoli 2016

Lane Bottoli

Established in 1861,  Lanificio di Vittorio Veneto   (later called Lane Bottoli)  has been managed by four generations of Veneto-born entrepreneurs who have all along been dedicated to the production of fabrics for men’s patterned clothing.

Excellent exclusive fabrics, the product of the updated technological equipment this fully vertical wool mill is provided with, are enhanced through skilful craftwork.

Tradition, the best – often new – natural materials, creativeness, endless innovation and top  reliability of product quality   have led to good relationships with the most renowned international brands.

A forerunner of today’s widespread ecological sensibility, Bottoli has for years been a specialist in the selection and upgrading of the best Italian merino wools which he uses undyed for an ecological collection whose brand is Lanaitaliana Stile di Vita.


Lanificio Bottoli 2016