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Lazzari Store – Treviso

Born as a retail store, Lazzari Space keeps evolving urged on by its passion and commitment. The attention the store focuses  on the products it proposes is the result of wide-ranging research aimed at outdoing the concept of fast fashion and consumerism, to renew the basic idea of enhancing what buyers purchase.

Far from enhancing what is ephemeral, temporary, and seasonal, today people  must buy fashion products that can  have an important role in their life and identity.


We are living in an age of epoch-making changes and hardships, but any hardship is bound to foster new opportunities, and in the field of fashion and retail  new opportunities occur when fashion retailers are by all accounts loved, reliable and truthful; the synergy of such qualities leads to a community-like effect which, in turn, makes the production and distribution chain components rich and equitable, a source of attraction and profit for everyone involved.

What we have to do now is resume work in the home market, to make the most of local brands worldwide relying on avant-garde international research, availing ourselves of up-to-date digital instruments and the necessary changes in traditional business relationships. Traditional retail keeps being an important information source for people who can no longer travel far and wide, and if supported by a functional, well-structured e-commerce it can bring about new solutions to involve and inform a wider and wider public from all countries.

New strategies and free initiatives will lead to unprecedented experiences, and success will mostly be a matter of reliability and experience. The deep roots we have inherited from the past will enable us to grow strong, overcome hardships, and be prepared to face the future.