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Leather Crown sneakers

Leather Crown

Series of 12 Handpicked Limited Editions.
LEATHER C|R|OWN makes the concept of Made-in-Italy handcrafted footwear border on the absolute: in fact, personally chosen by the designer, the combination of materials and colors leads to original, unique shoes that come only in twelve pairs
Born from the inspiration of the moment, the combination avails itself of the Firm’s ten-year-old skin and fabric archive and will not be re-proposed in the future. Unlike other mass industrial articles, LEATHER C|R|OWN items stand out as the outcome of painstaking work and endless research.

Thanks to LEATHER C|R|OWN we can have personalized sneakers whose combination of materials and colours can be found in only twelve pairs worldwide, the result of an original idea and dedicated work. A straightforwrd, unique way to create a meaningful link between designer, craftsman and client.