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Leather Crown – the new edition

Leather Crown celebrates 10 years of success and with that, treats itself to a luxury upgrade. The iconic sneakers have been renewed in every detail, with refined materials and technology, upholding the uncompromising artisanal craft that is the brand signature.
The production is entirely in house, in a new workshop in Riviera del Brenta, positioned in the heart of the luxury footwear district.

The new labels explain in a few words the brand and the product: “These are shoes of SUBSTANCE. We are shoemakers. We have a history of designing and making the best luxury shoes ever seen. We decided to make the best luxury sneakers and give them to you at an intelligent price.”

Instead of ‘Made in Italy’, on Leather Crown sneakers, it reads:”Made by Us. In Venice’s Riviera Brenta, Italy. In our Own Factory. Through 53 manual steps. By 31 Master Artisans. With the Finest Selection of Materials. Across a certified process. To the Highest Quality Standard”.

Leather Crown sneakers are “italian craft at its purest”.


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