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Measponte 2016


Measponte is a project rooted in craftsmanship whose identity and definition are given by an Italian character that merges aesthetics, technique and passion to create a line of  items which combine comfort, design and inspiration.

Measponte, the Latin for ‘of my own free will’, is a dynamic and innovative project, based on a meticulous and sophisticated choice of first quality materials, which does much to enhance the area where it is realized. This ever young, evolving brand avails itself of a twenty-five-year experience treasured in the field of Marche artistic footwear.

Measponte is aimed at achieving product communicative expressiveness through a language which defines its identity regardless of fashion trends. The unique, timeless style of its items is skilfully expressed through  manufacturing techniques and details that prove that Measponte  combines creative sensibility and masterly craftsmanship.


Measponte 2016 Measponte 2016