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La Navetta by Mion Labels

Mion Labels – La Navetta

After celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, Mion Labels proposes an exclusive, high quality product for haute couture: the Shuttle (La Navetta).
Woven labels were first designed and manufactured thanks to the shuttle loom. Characterized by a light and neat design the labels’ features can’t be reproduced through the efficient and updated techniques that realize sophisticated but impersonal products.
After thirty years, Mion Labels’ production recovers its simple, exclusive, aesthetically incisive artisanal taste. Thanks to the use of shuttle looms, like in the old days, Mion Labels succeeds in creating unique, aesthetically sophisticated labels typically made in Italy, the meeting point of tradition and revolution.
La Navetta by Mion Labels
La Navetta by Mion Labels La Navetta by Mion Labels