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monobi beste hub

Beste Hub + Monobi

From the yarn to the finished garment.
A leading industry in the field of Made-in-Italy textiles, Beste was founded in 1992 from the will of Giovanni Santi – a Tuscan entrepreneur with innovative intuitions. For thirty years Beste has aimed at the synergic combination of experience, craftsmanship and industrial skills which it has devoted to the production of first-rate fabrics. From the yarn to the finished garment, by constantly grafting innovation onto tradition, Beste has given life to a fully traceable production from which MONOBI originates
monobi studio clothing

MONOBI is the made in Italy brand that realises the integration between textiles and clothing inside the BesteHUB: the home and creative heart of the brand and at once a physical place open to contaminations and a space-workshop where fabrics take on new shapes. Guided by the passion of expert hands, the fabrics are transformed into garments expressing design and functionality, concentrating style and technology, in exceptional balance between quality and sustainability.
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