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Mug Magazine 29 editorial and cover

Mug Magazine #29 – Editorial

The technological and digital innovations in the global market keep bringing about changes in our economic world. A sales area has no longer a geographic connotation, but coincides with entrepreneurs’ ability to prove their competence. Buyers have never been so numerous and ready to carry out online and offline research of their own. Free time has become a precious resource to be used after careful thinking, and every single minute devoted to buying must be accounted for by the final fulfillment of a desire. The wish to possess an item goes hand in hand with our will to live a pleasant formative experience, stimulates our curiosity and ultimately leads to pleasure. Never has our ability to communicate our know-how been so important, and this ability implies the involvement of the whole trade range in conveying to buyers the value of a brand and that of the work carried out in production. Mug Magazine aims to be an instrument to illustrate relevant events and interface them with one another in a world where communication plays a fundamental, innovative role.

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Mug Magazine 29 editorial and cover Mug Magazine 29 editorial and cover