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Mug Magazine #30 – Editorial

Mug Magazine’s 30th issue is what can be regarded as the closing phase of an epoch.
The year 2020 will be remembered as one that saw a crisis spread in many fields of activity, which had of necessity to put profits by and non-essential things aside for the sake of public welfare. The lack of tourists has already started to penalize the most renowned stores worldwide; if occasional customers have virtually disappeared, yet trust-and-reliability-based business relationships, albeit put to the test, keep being essential factors in  facing this hardship-fostering age.

Many international distribution networks have ceased to exist after they came to lack the strong points their activity relied upon. Buyers have been developing a new interest in online shopping and local products, and have been able to enhance their lives while shut-in within their homes. Local retailers still manage to work thanks to their collaboration with  dependable suppliers, who, marginal though they have been  in the short run, have managed to provide a reduced but select and reliable item supply,  enhancing at once  their image and renown.
Authentic, well-rooted synergies and teamwork have become the basic factors to face this time of hardships and to achieve success.

Despite widespread difficulties, Mug Magazine prides itself on presenting and celebrating its collaborations for the present year, while wishing and hoping to be able to face what unknown events  the future has in store. Mug’s editorial staff are also devoting their energies to plan the Magazine’s updating and evolution by studying new formats, contents, sizes and forms of communication.