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Napapijri Ze-Knit collection and evolution

Napapijri: Ze-Knit collection and evolution

Napapijri’s Ze-Knit Collection reaffirms the brand’s dedication to design, sustainability and innovation through a series of urban looks created to become timeless must-haves.
Each part of Ze-knit’s garments is digitally knitted with a single, dope dyed thread. This colouring technique sensibly reduces the amount of water and dye-chemicals waste, while digital knitting results in less fabric waste and limits the number of seams applied in the construction process.
Napapijri Ze-Knit collection and evolution Ze Knit by Napapijri sustainable fashion
All Ze-knit pieces host multiple functionalities: enhanced flexibility around the joints ensures freedom of movement and improved comfort; boiled wool, an outstanding natural insulator, is layered in varying degrees of density for extrawarmth, while a water- resistant coating is applied to the yarn and then weaved throughout the garment to keep it dry.
Napapijri Zeknit digital clothing
18 pieces in black, blue, and clematis blue contrast details. Lines are clean and sharp, and garments play with original fits and volumes to suit the style and the needs of busy city-dwellers.
The garments showcase the subtle and elegant balance between high-performance and aesthetic which constitutes Ze-knit’s conceptual bedrock.
Wool is used to create the textural contrasts, as seen in the male bi-colour blazer and turtleneck jumper. In both cases, wool’s brushed-twill effect is juxtaposed with the high-performance body mapping that characterises all of Ze-knit’s looks, including classic t-shirts and sweatshirts.
Another key feature is the shiny thread used in the puffers and in the leggings, which creates a dynamic visual effect as well as asserting Ze-knit’s edgy and contemporary aesthetic.
Napapijri Ze Knit apparel Napapijri ZeKnit collection and evolution