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Only T-Shirt – Details, quality and passion

ots-copOutstanding in the production of high-qualityT-Shirts, ONLY T-SHIRT is a unique firm that has achieved success over its thirty-year activity by supplying the most prestigious luxury brands. Since 1994 ONLY T-SHIRT has concentrated on the t-shirt, the most versatile of garments, by forerunning or following fashion interpretations through the use of jersey, piquet and plush.
Established in the ‘80s, this creative workshop adopted the ‘change to win’ philosophy, which involves differentiation from competitors, constant growth through innovation – i.e. the use of circular machines instead of shuttle looms – , strategic partnerships and hard work. The firm’s objective is the satisfaction of the most demanding, sophisticated partners, therefore it avails itself of a team of stylists and graphic designers to back up the creation of collections, the research on materials and trends, and the production of models and prototypes. Besides dyeing, printing, embroidering and item personalising, at Only T-Shirt’s premises technologies are constantly updated and state of the art devices applied to production. Production monitoring is also focused on the achievement of top quality; the materials from which their items are made are not obtained  regardless of human rights, while production and suppliers undergo strict quality control.
Only T-Shirt proves that commitment and dedication are the basic qualities to achieve worldwide success.


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