Plantation clothing: natural and comfortable Japanese apparel for women
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Plantation Japanese quality and design


Plantation was founded in the spring of 1982,  based on the philosophy that “clothes are tools for ourday-to-day lives. “We use the fabric’s natural texture to guide our design, and believe that comfortable clothes are born from the expression of functionality and beauty. We continue to create timeless clothes made to fit into everyday life. Our passion for well-made clothes never changes.

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Passion for fabric
Our fabrics are designed to have rich textures and are based on natural materials. Our fabrics are soft and strong, and feature a comfortable texture and feel. The more you wear our clothes, the more beautiful they become as they shape to your body over time.
Plantation Japanese quality and design

Passion for comfortableness
Our characteristic loose fit provides freedom for you to express yourself through the clothes freely. Our clothes achieve a look that is both relaxed and elegant. Our clothes harmoniously combine functionality and comfort with beauty, as we always keep the wearer in mind when we create.


Plantation’s clothes are woven from the blessings of Nature.
Plantation Japanese quality and design