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Rebello 2016


Established in 2012, Rebello is the first brand of worldwide renown committed to responsible production and innovation, whose environment friendly approach has led to products that combine design and eco-sustainability.

The brand’s philosophy, therefore, involves the use of organic cotton, bamboo, eucalyptus, recycled pet and wool, leather tanning obtained by employing olive leaves, totally sustainable, efficient, alternative materials that replace polluting elements and techniques. Endless research and the use of more and more performing,  eco-sustainable fibers has led to the brand’s constant evolution. Furthermore, Rebello’s collaboration with the world of production and advanced university labs has led to levels of comfort in fashion far above the current standards.

The challenge Rebello has been facing and the revolution it has brought about in fashion have led to customers’ and retailers’ liking for its updated style and minimal total look at once topical and rich in details.  The brand’s art director, Ivana Omozic, has created Rebello’s style and identity by shaping the new sustainable materials and perfectly combining Italian personality and Balkan overtones. Join the revolution!


Rebello 2016