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Rocco P. shoes 2016

Rocco P.

Free to create without fixed guidelines. This is the basic canon of ROCCO P., the versatile brand whose origin can be traced to the early sixties when Principe di Bologna was established. Rocco Pistonesi, who with Eusebio and Donatello is a second-generation entrepreneur, in 1991 created the first ‘Rocco P.’ line.

Traditional, unconventional, often innovative  craftsmanship like, for example, the “reverso” method characterizes the brands  and accounts for its limited daily output. Not simply made in Italy, but “handmade in central Italy” could be the label to guarantee the identity and authenticity of the brand’s products.

For 2017 Rocco P. has managed to skilfully merge sneaker and moccasin, an alternative to gym shoes, drawing inspiration from the classic “college” that combines functionality and intellectual fashion. The result is an extra light item with fabric and breathable lurex uppers embroidered in moccasin style.

 The style of this handmade footwear is the outcome of ROCCO P.’s  techniques, the heritage of a fifty-year tradition.


Rocco P. shoes 2016