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Sease - pure outdoor passion

Sease – outdoor passion

Sease is a lifestyle brand with an outdoor spirit, conceived for feeling at ease in nature as well as in the city, from an idea by Franco and Giacomo Loro Piana developed for people who can’t renounce their passions. On the one hand SEASE evokes the most natural of all elements, the sea; on the other hand EASE means to release pressure, free ourselves and relax, it is an invitation to find our own rhythm, in full harmony with nature. A brand for those who want to really enjoy their passions: from everyday city life to outdoor sports which lead us back to nature, each item by SEASE is synonymous with a dynamic lifestyle and with an elegance at once contemporary and informal.
Essential items turn into timeless companions that conjure up the most authentic emotions, experiences and a sense of belonging: a contemporary and highly performing wardrobe meant for top comfort which includes real kits offering all the equipment for moving in the best of ways either in the city or when doing sports. Traditional noble materials – such as merino wool, cashmere and linen – turn into activewear items thanks to technology, membranes and state-of-the-art finishing, without making either style or function concessions, as is well exemplified by Sunrise, a tribute to Solaro –the iconic, iridescent 20th century fabric which blends wool with an innovative bio-nylon yarn and comes in a new technical version merging tradition with innovation. SEASE is committed to the environment in terms of materials, supply chain and processes; style meets performance in technical, innovative materials, with a selection which is both sensitive to recycling and to reducing the impact on the environment thanks to the use of chemical-free dyes and regenerated denim. SEASE’s innovative techniques enable classic tailoring to reach a new level of accomplishment and are an unprecedented way of interpreting modernity.
Sease - pure outdoor passion Sease - pure outdoor passion Sease - pure outdoor passion