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Selected - essence of scandinavian elegance


The essence of Scandinavian elegance.
Danish fashion brand Selected is a growing, elegant and stylish presence in more than 3000 stores in 25 countries. Founded in 1997, the minimalistic and essential style of the brand consists in two lines: Selected Homme and Selected Femme, each one divided into Black Label and White Label. Selected Femme has a contemporary Scandinavian aesthetic, always inspired by new trends from today and iconic, prominent women from the past. Selected Homme is all about contemporary high-quality style, minimalistic shapes and elegant pieces that are perfect for the modern man’s wardrobe. The Black Label look consists in a selection of timeless, classic tailored pieces, whose silhouettes are cool, bold and minimalistic. The White Label look celebrates a casual, effortless style with a strong collection of denim and everyday classics characterized by a casual and vintage aesthetic.
The Selected Style is always on-trend, with its high quality (based on the use of sustainable fabrics and fibers) and attention to detail, that are the real essence of Scandinavian elegance.
Selected - essence of scandinavian elegance Selected - essence of scandinavian elegance