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Swiss Chriss: innovation, research, experiment


SWISSCHRISS_AI13.14_2-bisTo conceive, create and tailor items that bear the mark of novelty in their spirit, materials and style but are for daily use has always been Swiss Chriss’ target.
The brand’s story began in 2005 at Basel, Switzerland, where a boy called Christian Wernle (Chriss) had the idea of recovering the materials from used sleeping bags and tents discarded by the Swiss Army to create a line of outerwear. In the following seasons, in particular after 2007, the brand started to lay the foundations of its philosophy and identity, by researching and experimenting on fabrics, the basic element of innovation in the creation of garments. The brand got to a turning point in 2008 thanks to their meticulous research on materials and the exclusive creation of a new fabric made of wool and a special thermal layer that gives the items elasticity and thermal protection, at once enhancing their beauty and functionality. Both the fabric and the product are made in Italy. Each season Swiss Chriss continues his research and experiment on  mixture composition, treatments and weave of new materials in the plants of Italian textile industries where his designers work side by side with textile technicians to achieve a very high number of prototypes and make endless trials on ever new mixtures and treatments.
The exclusive materials that are realised each season lead to the creation of convenient, functional, stylish items. Swiss Chriss’ quasi obsessive search for innovation enables him to tower over all those who consider him a landmark and try to reproduce his products.