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The body of transparency

From September 29 to November 30, 2011 Lazzari Space displayed the works by the photographer Francesca Della Toffola and the glass sculptor Angelo Zennaro in the exhibition The Body of Transparency, edited by Romano Abate and Francesco Stefanini.
Although their art fields are different, the two artists were matched in the same exhibition because both of them work on transparency. In fact, through transparency they work on the concept of time evolution which leads to a vision beyond the subject, of a point beyond the surface. Through glass and photography the two artists try to give a body to fluidity, to the very instant of becoming.
Zennaro observes the changes that glass undergoes, sees it altering its look up to the moment when it cools down, the moment when colour strongly pervades its transparency. In the joint frames assembled in the yard of Lazzari Space transparency and vibrating colour coexist like two everlasting artistic signs that offer two similar yet different visions.
The photographs of Treviso-born F. Della Toffola, instead, on display in the inner gallery of the Space propose the becoming of time interrupted by the Blackline, the unexposed portion of film that separates two shots. Francesca matches two instants to the same subject, often her self-portrayed body, leaving viewers the task of understanding how the story evolves. She stimulates visitors’ imagination and narrative power to make them figure how a story may further unfold.