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The call of the mountains

Parajumpers draws its origin from a journey, one of those journeys undertaken without a precise objective apart from the only aim to search for new things: cultures, experiences, landscapes, and, above all,  lives. Almost ten years after it was born, Parajumpers keeps travelling and, in a travel diary, tells about the places, cultures and people it comes across.

Nature, space, the absolute. These three words express the essence of the mountain landscape, where freedom merges with the infinite, where nature opens up and shows itself in its purest, most uncontaminated form.

Nadia Dimai, one of the few female alpine guides by profession and a mountain lover, has since 1994  been climbing, discovering and becoming familiar with the Italian Dolomites which  provide beautiful Cortina d’Ampezzo with its splendid background. Over the past twenty years she has explored the most inaccessible routes and has got to know the dangers and emotions offered by the majestic landscapes of her homeland. Ready to face nature’s challenge wholeheartedly at all times, Nadia knows that her efforts will be rewarded with breathtaking views and emotions that can hardly be described.

“The mountains are my life” is Nadia’s synthetic, unhesitating remark.

An exploration-minded woman that can boast a unique experience, Nadia has a precise mission: to let the whole world enjoy the beauty of Cortina d’Ampezzo and its mountains by teaching hikers how to climb their peaks. A challenge that puts to the proof all those who really feel a deep heartfelt love for nature. Nature in its essential purity, where  a human being can recover his inmost essence. This is what the mountains offer and Nadia enjoys each day of her life, the values Parajumpers identifies itself with.

That’s what is out there, waiting for you.


Parajumpers Italy Stories 2016 Parajumpers Italy Stories 2016 Parajumpers Italy Stories 2016