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The World Flags project

the World Flags project tells us about the Olympic Games.
Born in Japan, a country unmistakably pervaded by creativeness, the project World Flags is aimed at educating through entertainment. This fanciful initiative also aims to emphasize the different aspects that characterize the world’s peoples without resorting to language complexities or scientific analyses, just to remind us that the Earth is a planet where variety and difference coexist.  World Flags’ expressive medium is drawing, in the typically Japanese graphic form of ‘manga’, a  well-known genre worldwide. The manga in question represent  flags from the whole world. The artists involved have drawn samurai showing the flags’ chromatic, historic and cultural features to pay homage to the Countries that will take part in the 2020 Olympic Games, a sort of unofficial promotional campaign to celebrate the great event.
The site world-flags.org, in a long gallery subdivided by region, shows a collection of samurai ready for battle, around whose figures can be read stories of warriors emphasizing their abilities, strength, weak points as well as  quotations of   personal mottos.