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Trippen and Michael Sontag

Trippen + Michael Sontag

The capsule created by Trippen with the collaboration of Michael Sontag is focused on fashion consciousness and social responsibility, two elements that coexist within the same  system. Sustainability and individuality, the basic tenets of Trippen’s philosophy, make a perfect match  with Michael Sontag’s creativity and do a lot to widen the outlook of the Berlin-based brand with a new originality of its own, no longer influenced by style criteria such as  fashion seasons, age and consumerist trends.
Trippen and Michael Sontag have created soft-looking footwear with unique details achieved through the use of high-quality lamb leather. Trippen clothing and boots softly wrap the body and suggest hints of drapery-like effects  thanks to the unique, top quality, timeless design created by the maison’s philosophy.


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Trippen and Michael Sontag