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UGG innovative classic

UGG: an up-to-date innovative classic

In 2018 UGG celebrated the fortieth anniversary of its foundation, yet the success achieved throughout four decades was not enough for a brand born from a challenge of its founder, Brian Smith, to himself and to the world. Even to this day UGG is still prepared to renew its own identity both as a brand and a product. This is demonstrated by a new daring and unexpected approach, the AW19, the brand’s most abundant collection to this date in terms of models and styles. UGG proves they are much more than their classic boot. The classics should not be overlooked but reinterpreted, to remain up-to-date. UGG, therefore, goes beyond itself, projecting itself into the future as a classic contemporary brand.
UGG: a new generation of  UGG boots and shoes
The Classic Revolution story is a modern twist to the iconic boot with some hybrid models, a combination between boot and sneaker and others that draw inspiration from the 90’s grunge scene and San Francisco’s counter-cultural spirit.
UGG boots between innovation and classic
The Neumel Nation collection is the result of the successful merging between UGG style and streetwear. The models are renewed with a flexible velcro fastening and a padded collar around the ankle for an additional touch of luxury. Bearing the signature of Enrique Corbi, who studied at Central Saint Martins, Royal College of Art in London and TX Centro de Diseno in Spain. The new approach of UGG boasts prestigious collaborations and a considerable number of admirers among international artists and celebrities, such as Madonna, Sarah J. Parker, Johnny Depp, LeBron James, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and Luka Sabbat, just to name a few.